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New to using SmartDeploy but also new to deploying Windows 10.  How do I copy a default profile in Windows 10?

We are a Novell environment so I need to be able to copy the default profile on my master image.  I used to use a tool in Windows 7 called Windows Enabler.

Any suggestions are appreciated, besides saying move to an Active Directory environment.  ?

Thank you

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Unfortunately, at this point, we really can’t recommend using the Sysprep\CopyProfile procedure with Windows 10 any longer. It has become less and less reliable with each successive version of Windows 10. The documentation for this procedure is limited and out-of-date, but it looks like Microsoft is trying to push people away from using Sysprep\CopyProfile to copy settings into the default user profile, and toward using group policy instead.

You can use a custom Start Menu and Task Bar layout XML to choose how it looks. Here are the instructions for that:

  1. Configure the Start Menu and Task Bar as you would like it to be for all users.
  2. Open PowerShell and run Export-StartLayout -Path [Path\Filename.xml]
  3. Copy the XML file to C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\ on your reference virtual machine.
  4. Alternatively, you can download the LayoutModification.xml file (attached as .rename), and copy it to the location above. This layout creates an Office app collection in the Start Menu, and puts Outlook, Explorer, and IE in the task bar.

You can visit these links for more information.





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I have not had any issues using the Copyprofile method at all. I use Windows 10 1803. Then again, I only do minor changes to my default profile so that might be why.

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