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"Please Specify an image file" Deployment Package

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Hi, i need some guidance if possible.

I have been testing deployment packages to Laptops and Desktops to the SmartDeploy agent for unattended deployment.

The answer file attached to the package has been configured to point to the console host to pick up the image .WIM file in the C$/SmartDeploy/Images folder on the console host.

Yet, when i deploy the package to any machine, the machine boots into SmartDeploy and runs through unattended mode - and stops when specifying the image.

At this point, i am able to map and browse to where the file is, but it should be doing this automatically as per the answer files config. Yet this isn't working?


I have attached the .XML file - please can someone share some knowledge if anyone has experienced this and knows how to rectify the problem?




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Hi Jay,

This typically indicates a problem with your answer file, but in order to diagnose the problem, we'll need to see a logset from the same WindowsPE session where the error occurs. We've opened a support ticket, and we'll be in touch. 

SmartDeploy Support

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