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Steve Blais

PowerShell + Firstboot + TPM

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Hey all,  

i need to enable TPM on laptops.

For one older, i need to enable it from Windows.

I have found a way to enable it through PowerShell with this command : Initialize-Tpm -AllowClear -AllowPhysicalPresence

After applying it, the computer reboot and prompt me with F1 key to reset TPM and after that i can enable Bitlocker.

I am looking for an option to call PowerShell script that can be executed on FirstBoot process.

I created a batch file that call ps1 (PowerShell.exe -command c:\Platform\TPM\TPM.ps1) but the script seems to not applied.

Any idea or better way?

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Hi Joseph, I am trying to do something similar. I have a powershell script that will check the chassi, if it is a laptop it will install Office on it.

I have saved my installation files to local drive. Can I just call my power script from the Task command line like this:

powershell.exe -NOprofile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File C:\windows\software\Officeinstall.ps1

I am also doing this using the first boot option, so it should run as "system".

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