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License Status Criteria?

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I'm curious what the criteria for the "Active" status on the licensing page is? Over a hundred endpoints and all are green. While I don't think that's completely unlikely, I want to at least make sure I understand what the criteria is for a green "Active" status is so that no broken and old machines are still using up a license for too long.

Is there a certain period of inactivity before the status will change color?


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Hi Kamsobe,

If you reimage a computer with SmartDeploy, that machine is counted against your license count. With Per Machine licenses, you can reimage the same computer as many times as you wish without ever consuming more than 1 license per machine.

A SmartDeploy license remains attached to that computer until you decommission it, which can be done via the SmartDeploy customer portal. This should only be done for computers that are leaving your environment permanently and will never again be reimaged with SmartDeploy.

If you have any further licensing questions, please feel free to reach out to licensing@smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support

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I know how the licensing works. I understand that only devices that are going to be no longer used in any capacity should have their license revoked. That is not my question.

One of my clients has many sites. So instead of shipping a decommissioned machine back, they may just dispose of it themselves at that location. I do not always get the memo... I want to know how the status indicator works so that I have another failsafe to catch machines that have been decommissioned without my knowledge. That way I can at least not waste a SmartDeploy license.

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