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SmartDeploy Client after server name change

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We've just built a new server with the latest version of SmartDeploy installed. To be on the safe side we had this server named differently while testing the latest version along side our existing SDE server and now wish to bring it into production and decommission the old server.

However we now wish to update 1900+ devices running SmartDeploy client to point to the new server. Is there a config file we can update and push out or will we have to create a new SD client installer and re-install this on all of our client devices?



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Hi Allen,

We have a script that can assist with this - you won't be able to push it out with the new console, obviously, but if you have some other means of pushing it out to each endpoint, it would have the effect of pointing that endpoint toward whatever hostname or IP address you specify. I've opened a support ticket for you - please expect an email shortly.

SmartDeploy Support

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I have the same issue with a new server and need to change the smartdeploy hostname on the installed clients. Is this script still available or is there a command line switch available for the client .msi?




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