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Sean Warnock

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I am relatively new to this product and figuring things out as I go but is there any way to see where a deployment is within the process?  I have one deployment that has been deploying for over 4 hours where others have only taken an hour to an hour and a half.

There is a log created but it contains no information.  

We have roaming profiles saved to network drives and there isn't much data stored locally.  I just want to know if the process is failing and if so where.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Sean, 

There isn't a way to track the process of a deployment aside from going and looking directly on the machine. 4 hours is certainly to long. I'd be interested to know what's on-screen on the device, and would want to see logs collected by booting back into SmartDeploy and clicking Collect Logs on the main menu. 

You'll probably want to reach out to support for more guidance. 

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Thanks for the feedback.  

I ended up cancelling the deployment.  Upon looking at the target PC I found there were a number of profiles on the computer.  

I have the deployment configured to only migrate profiles that have logged in in the past 30 days.  But I removed a number of profiles and tried again.  It ended up taking about 2 hours but the image finally deployed.  Not sure what was going on there but it seems to be all set now.

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