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Configure Control Panel Settings

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I was wondering if anyone can verify if Control Panel settings can be configured as part of an image.

I was able to configure Windows Settings (i.e. enable remote desktop settings), but for example I turned off IPv6 in Control Panel >  View Network Status and Tasks prior to creating the image and when I pushed the image and went to verify I noticed the box was still checked and not unchecked.

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Hello cnelsenxx1,

By default Sysprep resets all users settings that were defined in the reference image.

If you plan on disabling IPv6, you can apply this by running a netsh command like

netsh interface ipv6 uninstall

Let us know if you have any further questions. Please submit a request to support@smartdeploy.com



Chris Mendoza

SmartDeploy Support

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I verified it worked locally on my machine and disabled IPv6.

I've added it to my Answer File and now run through the Deployment and I'm receiving an error that says:

"The POSTIMAGE Task "C:\Users\cnelsen\Documents\psScripts\disable_IPv6.ps1 could not be found".

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