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To debloat or not to debloat...

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I'm wondering how much time everyone spends attempting to debloat Windows 10. I've got a PowerShell script I use to remove a lot of the bloat but I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the effort. The last couple of Windows 10 updates (I'm looking at you, 1909) seem to get a little unstable if you get too aggressive in cleaning out the bloat. 

Like I said, just wondering. If anyone has any thoughts to share I'm interested in hearing them. Thanks!


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It's always been my recommendation to customize the Start Menu and Task bar layout, and leave those other apps hidden down in the app drawer rather than try to actually remove them. They're only going to be seen if someone scrolls down through the app drawer, which most people wont be doing. 

We have an article and video that explains how that's done, and it's far easier than trying to remove them and not break Windows sysprep.


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@tomsiemers I would recommend getting a tool good NTLite. It allows you to perform a lot of debloating on the ISO as well as create an unattended install. The free version only limits you on removing specific items. With this tool you can download the latest updates as well as integrate .Net 3.5 if needed.

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