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I am just trying to understand when it is necessary to update the WDS boot image that i've created using SmartDeploy. Does the WDS boot image actually load the Answer File in it, or does it just store the path to get to the Answer File?

If I update the Answer File but keep it the same name, do I also then need to update the WDS boot image?

Thank you for any asssistance!

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Every single time you change anything:

1. SD Upgrade
2. Answer file change.
3. Image change

Hope that helps.


Edit: Welcome to SmartDeploy! I got this working for my IT Department and been using for about 2 years.

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Aaron is quite right - whenever you create SmartDeploy media of any type and select an answer file, a copy of that answer file is written into the WindowsPE boot image. It is that copy of the answer file that is loaded when you boot to SmartDeploy media - the copy back on the console host is not involved. Thus, if you make any changes to the answer file, you also need to recreate your media.

Likewise, if you update the SmartDeploy console version, you also need to update your media - otherwise the media would still be using the old version of Deploy Wizard to apply your image.

For WDS boot media, once you've recreated your media, you need to replace the boot image on your WDS server, and then you're all set.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support


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