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Just created a new VM for a new image.The Vm works fine, and vmdk file created as normal. When i try to create an image with SmartD, i get 2 errors

1) Unable to mount the virtual volume , swiftly followed by;

2) The system cannot find the file specified.

I saw an old thread suggesting file path length could be a factor, but i have moved the vm to another location, with reduced path length.

No changes have been to Smart Deploy, I last captured an image, from, same file path, just 2 weeks ago.

Smart D version - 2.0.2020 , licensed

Any assistance would be greatfull


cannot find.PNG


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I was experiencing the same issue. After seeing your reply, I updated to 2.0.2030. I was able to capture 1 image, but now experiencing the same issue.

-Thanks, Alex.

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