USB Media - 1 WIM - 2 Images - Need 2 Answer Files

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Here is my situation:

I have 1 WIM file called Windows7x64.wim

Inside that wim I have two images: Win7x64-FieldDevice and Win7x64-Desktop

These two images have different answer files with different settings contained within.

I want to create an offline USB media that contains this wim/2images.

The trouble is I need TWO answer files for this to work.  My questions are this... 

Can I have two answer files on USB media taking into account the above situation?  OR can I combine my two answer files into one, but still maintain the different settings for the Desktop v. FieldDevice image?

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You cannot have two answer files on the same boot media unfortunately. You would have to have two different boot media. i.e. USBs


SmartDeploy Support

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