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Jeff Harris

Creating your Reference VM: EFI or BIOS? Generation 1 or Generation 2?

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When you're creating a new virtual machine for your reference machine, you'll want pay special attention to this specific setting, depending on the platform you're using. 

  • When creating a new VM in Hyper-V; choose Generation 1
  • When creating a new VM in VMware, check the settings and confirm that 'Use EFI instead of BIOS' is not checked. (VMware will not ask you to choose one or the other when you create the VM.)

The reason for this is because SmartDeploy is not able to capture GPT virtual disks. You can't change this after you install Windows! 

That being said; you can still capture a Generation 1 or BIOS configured virtual machines and deploy them to UEFI based machines. 

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