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  1. I tried in the following Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, and Vivaldi. All of them do the same exact thing.
  2. When attempting to deactivate some licenses, I am unable to put in more than 1. When I check the box for one, then check a 2nd one. The first one is replaced by the 2nd. I tried 2 different browsers as well.
  3. Glenn, I received your email and opened a ticket.
  4. This is my 2nd error when deploying an image directly from the SmartDeploy Console on the server and not thru WDS. Here is the error: Imaging proceeded without an issue and successfully imaged the machine. Thoughts? Running Windows Server 2012 R2 with SD version 2.0.3080 I want to attach the log but can't because the limit is 72KB!!
  5. The Deployment proceeds without a hitch, but this error has recently started coming up during the WinPE imaging. I haven't used WDS for sometime now (no KVM).
  6. I am noticing an odd error when imaging thru the Console. It has just happened recently and not sure what the change is. Here is the error: I am not sure the cause and it is not preventing any imaging. But want to know why. Specs: SmartDeploy version 2.0.3080 Windows 2012 R2 (slow) Thanks, Aaron
  7. Add the following into your answer files:
  8. Every single time you change anything: 1. SD Upgrade 2. Answer file change. 3. Image change Hope that helps. Edit: Welcome to SmartDeploy! I got this working for my IT Department and been using for about 2 years.
  9. @tomsiemers I would recommend getting a tool good NTLite. It allows you to perform a lot of debloating on the ISO as well as create an unattended install. The free version only limits you on removing specific items. With this tool you can download the latest updates as well as integrate .Net 3.5 if needed.
  10. @tomsiemers I use Chocolatey in my golden images to install most of the major software we use. Browsers, PDF, Office365, Teams, etc.
  11. Try this: This is in the Advanced options of the Answer file. Make sure you have this line. If not, it might be causing your issue.
  12. I have used SD with 7060s and 7070s without any issue, but I am using either PXE boot or Network deploy from the server.
  13. No because I have -10000% control over the servers. But its very slow scrolling, searching for a PC. Oh and don't get me started, downloading a driver pack will sometimes freeze at 51%. If it were up to me, it would be running on a non-VMed 2019 server outside of the internal network. So thus...I doubt that SmartDeploy plays any part in this. Its my server/virus protection thats causing my issues. However my IT manager wants us to get a tool that does EVERYTHING all in one. Imaging, auditing of hardware and software, software install, etc.
  14. I am in need of some assistance. I want to make bootable USB drives from my SD server but I cannot. My server is a virtual server and thus no physical USB ports. If I go thru the Deployment pack creation, I realize I can create a DVD but this then does not give me a bootable USB. It creates 2 ISO files and this does not work. I wish our SD server was its own server and running Windows Server 2019, but oh well. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do get this done? Thanks, Aaron
  15. Randy, what exactly is happening when you image an PC? Is it not booting up? Did you try the above method? Aaron
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